MacEng Arms the Frontlines

MacEng arms the frontlines with ventilators for local hospitals

McMaster engineers, physicians, students and industry partners join forces to create timely solutions to the high demand for critical equipment for frontline workers. In the third part of the MacEng arms the frontlines series, we take a look at ventilators.

Faculty, staff and students across McMaster Engineering have turned their focus on creating solutions to combat the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical devices for local healthcare workers.

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Engineering researcher Rakesh Sahu

McMaster researchers rally to help Canadian company expedite new mask to meet urgent COVID-19 demand

Engineering and medical researchers at McMaster University have been racing to assist Woodbridge Foam Corporation in getting a new made-in-Canada mask designed, tested and certified, as supplies of existing medical masks become less certain.

Woodbridge, primarily a manufacturer of auto parts and materials, has begun manufacturing a new high-filtration mask to supply health-care workers, whose inventories have been dwindling. Premier Doug Ford toured one of the company’s manufacturing sites and lauded the project on Tuesday.

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University of Waterloo uses 3D printing to help protect front-line medical workers

Two University of Waterloo facilities have shifted their production focus to 3D-printed parts for face shields used by health-care workers battling COVID-19.

3D printers in the Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing (MSAM) Laboratory and in the Print and Retail Solutions Department at the University are being used to build certified pieces of the protective equipment from a special material currently in short supply throughout the local medical community.

The University's efforts build on the significant work of local entrepreneurs like InkSmith CEO Jeremy Hedges, whose company was recently certified by Health Canada to mass-produce protective shields for healthcare workers.

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