The McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) is a world-class collection of personnel, knowledge and advanced equipment resources. These resources are currently fully leveraged to support Ontario manufacturers as they implement new advanced manufacturing technology to improve quality, productivity, timeliness and to reduce cost while facilitating the development of innovative products/services.

The MMRI is structured to collaborate with a wide range of academic, government and industry research partners with a focus on delivering value to industry by targeting their needs and working to their timelines.

McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI)

Nearly every industry is experiencing technological disruption. In manufacturing, developing new tooling and processes to meet shifting demands allows our partners to stay ahead of the disruption curve, and we’re proud to help them do it. Since 1999, we’ve been a strategic partner to industry, applying our world-class expertise and cutting-edge facilities to solving manufacturers’ challenges — honing processes to maximize productivity and quality while reducing cost and facilitating product innovation.

For prospective researchers excited about the future of manufacturing, the MMRI is a leading institute, spanning many manufacturing processes, where you can grow your experience and career in advanced manufacturing.

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Machining Systems Laboratory (MSL)

The MSL is focused on enhancing the performance of machining systems, including studies related to advanced machine tools and metal cutting processes. The objective is to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce cost to generate globally competitive processes and innovative products.

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Material Property Assessment Laboratory (MPAL)

The Material Property Assessment Laboratory (MPAL) develops leading solutions for diverse fields to optimize the performance of materials in many applications. There’s a common saying “use the right tools for the job.” Do you ever hear use the right materials? Whenever we’re developing new products or performing failure analysis we need to understand the suitability of a chosen material and assess how it behaves under various conditions.

MPAL specializes in assessing these properties and behaviours by working very closely with industry and academia to select application-specific standard solutions to assessing materials. We also develop brand-new testing methods where established standards fall short of our partner’s needs.

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