In the past decade, University of Waterloo has built up major, large-scale advanced manufacturing research infrastructure to enable the education and training of undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows, as well as technology transfer and commercialization through its numerous industry R&D partnerships.

Our state-of-the-art facilities have been critical in supporting new product and process development projects for numerous companies, funded through provincial and federal partnership grants that range between two and five years. Nearly all of the partnerships are with medium-to-large size Ontario companies.

AMC at Waterloo comprises four leading research groups:

WatCAR Manufacturing

WatCAR Manufacturing comprises seven research groups with state-of-the-art facilities and world-class research expertise in advanced materials, forming, joining, computational modeling, performance testing, and cutting-edge production methods to promote lightweighting and production efficiency without compromising safety. These seven research groups collectively form the most comprehensive academic research and development facility in North America for vehicle lightweighting.

Researchers partner closely with industry representatives to support innovative research, product and process development. The industry-focused research allows scalability, confidentiality and rapid project turnaround time. WatCAR Manufacturing comprises:

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Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab (MSAM)

MSAM is the most comprehensive Canadian academic research and development centre for next-generation additive manufacturing (AM) processes. The researchers at MSAM explore novel techniques to develop advanced materials, innovative products, modeling and simulation tools, monitoring and devices, closed-loop control systems, quality assurance algorithms and holistic in-situ and ex-situ characterization techniques.

MSAM focuses on eight themes that facilitate R&D quickly and effectively, and allow creation of customized high-performance products and processes for industrial partners. MSAM has placed Canada at the forefront of innovative, next-generation AM platforms to address current limitations and facilitate the worldwide adoption of AM.

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Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS)

CIARS, a world-class research facility, supports transformative national and international industry collaborative activities in radio science and technology. CIARS offers unique prototyping, simulation, and measurement capabilities for integrated antenna and radio system technologies. CIARS is a leading research and development facility to support innovation in an unlimited spectrum of connectivity in the KHz – THz bands, and provides the shortest path from Conceptualization to Implementation.

CIARS current research targets 5G communication systems, Internet of Things (IoT) networks, next generation mobile satellite communications, advanced sensor devices and novel measurement techniques. CIARS explores unconventional approaches to meet future challenges in wireless communication, sensing, and imaging.

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The Waterloo RoboHub is a state-of-the-art robotics research and training facility with a globally unique fleet of fixed-based, wheeled, humanoid, aerial and magnetically levitated robots.

The RoboHub was established by the largest single investment in robotics research by the federal and provincial governments in the past decade. Our facility enables researchers, industry partners and students alike to develop and deploy heterogeneous robot teams and simulate complex, real-world environments. To support academic and industry projects, the facility has dedicated infrastructure including an advanced 360° 3D indoor positioning system, a control centre for effective fleet management and visualization, and privacy glass for confidentiality.

The potential to combine various robots, each with its own strengths, into effective and efficient autonomous teams will revolutionize industry and have far reaching societal benefits. Our diverse group of researchers are at the forefront of international robotics research and their collective knowledge is critical for developing the next generation of robotics technologies.

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