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ImaginAble Solutions logo ImaginAble Solutions is a biomedical engineering company committed to enhancing quality of life by providing solutions to personal accessibility challenges. Our first product, Guided Hands, is an assistive device designed to help those experiencing limited hand functions by enabling individuals to write, paint, draw, and use a tablet/computer.


Guided Hands was designed to help people with various medical conditions such as dystonia, ALS, Huntington’s disease, arthritis, and even individuals recovering from spinal cord injuries or strokes.

For these individuals, the writing, painting, drawing, or using a tablet/computer are essential activities that underly their independence.

Researcher working on a machine


ImaginAble Solution’s Research and Development began at the MMRI. Multiple prototypes were designed and manufactured and then tested with patients at local hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics.

Feedback was presented to engineers at MMRI and used to redesign and manufacture the next prototype. Guided Hands came to fruition within the MMRI labs.ImaginAble Solutions accessible device


By partnering with the MMRI, ImaginAble Solutions has minimized Research and Development costs and manufacturing costs and received excellent design and manufacturing advice for Guided Hands.

Within less than five months of establishing ImaginAble Solutions, with the help from MMRI we have invented Guided Hands and are launching our first round of sales.
~ Lianna Genovese, CEO & Founder

ImaginAble Solutions accessible device

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