Nearly every industry is experiencing technological disruption. In manufacturing, developing new tooling and processes to meet shifting demands allows our partners to stay ahead of the disruption curve, and we’re proud to help them do it. Since 1999, the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) has been a strategic partner to industry, applying our world-class expertise and cutting-edge facilities to solving manufacturers’ challenges — honing processes to maximize productivity and quality while reducing cost and facilitating product innovation.

Norlok logoNORLOK Technology Inc. is a trusted leader and innovator in sheet metal fastening, setting the standard for clinching technology. Clinching, also known as press joining, is a high-speed, mechanical fastening technique for point joining of sheet metal components. Clinching requires no consumables or pre-drilled holes and is performed in a single step, making it a clean, inexpensive and simple technique.

Clinching example image
Clinching example


NORLOK asked the MMRI to provide a hand-held clinching device powered by low cost actuators. The challenge was to apply the joining benefits of clinching in a form factor that would meet the requirements of new applications and thereby open clinching up to a wider segment of the marketplace.

Hand-held clinching device model
Hand-held clinching device model


By partnering with the MMRI, NORLOK was able to access extensive R&D resources to punch above their weight to develop a new clinching product. This new product will allow them to access a new market segment with their proprietary clinching technology.

The design leverages Norlok’s core technology and equipment already in the market allowing them to get to market quickly with a unique product.

Hand held clinching device
Hand held clinching device


By partnering with the MMRI, NORLOK was able to reduce the research and development demands on their internal resources and get to market quicker with an innovative product.

In addition to a new product Norlok’s customer base has a new system that they can use to enhance their own productivity and competitiveness.

Image of clinched metal sample
Clinched metal sample