GastronomousGastronomous Inc. is a start-up based in Southern Ontario that is in the late stages of designing and optimizing a novel robotic cooking system for restaurant kitchen automation.

The Waterloo RoboHub is the home of robotics at the University of Waterloo, bringing together all of the related technical, educational, research, and other services and experience into one central group


  • To develop a robotic solution that delivers high-quality, consistent food for restaurants
  • Reduce costs, wastes and employee turnover
  • Increase productivity, accuracy, flexibility, safety and scalability through automation


  • RoboHub and Gastronomous created a novel robotic system with a powerful processor and advanced subroutines that allow synchronous preparation of multiple dishes within a small workspace.
  • The robot represents an exportable transformative technology that will improve competitiveness and productivity while reducing labour costs.
Gastronomous Inc. robotic system set up to cook pasta in a RoboHub laboratory.


  • Anticipated acquisition of a full-scale robotic cooking system manufacturing facility in Southern Ontario with automated production lines and hiring of highly qualified personnel.
  • Partnerships will be formed with suppliers, chefs, health inspectors and robotic specialists.
  • Unique applications for this system include food preparation in remote communities and large-scale infrastructure.