The McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) has a wide range of industry scale manufacturing equipment, specialized instrumentation, and extensive experience in advanced materials and manufacturing. This is deployed to support Ontario companies as they work to solve problems, realize opportunities, and implement new technologies in their operations. The focus is on improving quality, productivity, and timeliness while reducing cost and facilitating the development of innovative products and services.


Alchemy is developing innovative nanocoating solutions to the challenges faced by many industries, such as repelling water, dirt, and ice while maintaining the high transparency, mechanical durability, and weatherability specifications for advanced sensor systems used in harsh environments. The challenges are to determine, understand and fine tune the properties of the nano-coatings developed for windshield protection applications.


The MMRI has developed unique testing techniques that are helping to guide the Alchemy R&D team’s development process.


  • With MMRI’s help, Alchemy now has a quality assurance plan for their coating which is saving time and money.
  • The tests and results are helping Alchemy to obtain in-depth knowledge of the hardness, resilience and modulus characteristics for their coating product, which will guide their future R&D on several projects.