Longan Vision


The McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) has a wide range of industry scale manufacturing equipment, specialized instrumentation, and extensive experience in advanced materials and manufacturing. This is deployed to support Ontario companies as they work to solve problems, realize opportunities, and implement new technologies in their operations. The focus is on improving quality, productivity, and timeliness while reducing cost and facilitating the development of innovative products and services.


Over the last year Longan Vision and the MMRI have been developing an advanced optical lens for Longan Visions firefighting augmented reality system called the Fusion Vision System (FVS). The challenge with developing the lens of the Head up Display (HUD) is that it must be capable of passing rigorous mechanical testing while surviving at temperatures of more than 250°C for 5 minutes.

The HUD is the most critical element of the FVS as it reflects information from an off-axis display into the user’s eyes while affording them the ability to see through the HUD at their surrounding environment. Because this FVS is to be used in firefighting and other first responder scenarios the demands placed on the materials are high and there is no option for the device not to working.


The MMRI continues to work on this challenge by exploring high temperature coatings which can improve scratch resistance and anti-fog properties of the substrate material while maintaining the necessary transparency and reflective properties. A primary reflective coating was found which could meet short term goals of reflective and transparent properties for the HUD. Life-cycle testing was also performed to understand how the testing standards affect the quality of HUD in terms of its FVS application.

Reflection quality on the coated HUD
Reflection quality on the coated HUD


  • Longan Vision is developing testing and validation studies across North America, bringing together funding from private investors, industrial funding and international grants to bring the FVS to market.
  • The MMRI is continuing to improve the coating. So far, the coating has proven to be very efficient and inexpensive and is one of their unique selling features.
  • Longan Vision is looking to commercialize their product by June 2022
  • The product will provide an economical and long-lasting solution to enhance firefighters’ ability to see through dense smoke and fire while getting critical site information.