Racer International

MMRIThe McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) has a wide range of industry scale manufacturing equipment, specialized instrumentation, and extensive experience in advanced materials and manufacturing. This is deployed to support Ontario companies as they work to solve problems, realize opportunities, and implement new technologies in their operations. The focus is on improving quality, productivity, and timeliness while reducing cost and facilitating the development of innovative products and services.


Support Racer as they meet demanding customer machine specifications.


  • Develop Machine installation requirements to support Racer
  • Outline test parts to support machine performance evaluation at Racer.

CAX Series
S-Axis Vertical Machining Centre (CAX Series)


  • Realized a sale that would not have been possible without our collaboration.
  • Help Racer enter a new market segment with a high-performance machine offering.
  • Hired 2 people, looking to hire 2 more.