Xiris Automation is an SME in Burlington, ON with 30 staff that specializes in manufacturing optical systems for quality control (QC) to enable their customers to detect and interpret quality defects in manufactured goods.

MSAMMulti-Scale Additive Manufacturing (MSAM) Lab is one of the largest research and development additive manufacturing facilities in the world, hosted at the University of Waterloo in Canada.


  • Metal additive manufacturing (AM) is prone to QC challenges due to its inherent complexity.
  • Xiris suspected overlap in their cameras used in welding QC and the potential for use in AM.
  • This project targeted improving melt pool monitoring using high dynamic range (HDR) cameras since there is a relationship between the melt pool and overall AM part quality,.


  • Using a direct energy deposition (DED) powder fed laser fusion system, MSAM developed an analytical plugin to monitor and model melt pool geometry using advanced image processing techniques.
  • The plugin will be used with existing Xiris software and HDR cameras.
Metal additive manufacturing process with Xiris HDR camera


  • Through its relationship with MSAM, Xiris gained knowledge of AM-specific QC and related image analysis/processing challenges.
  • Xiris has invested not only financial and in-kind support, but also engineering expertise on this project to expand into the AM market space.