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WatCAR Manufacturing comprises seven research groups with state-of-the-art facilities and world-class research expertise in advanced materials, forming, joining, computational modeling, performance testing, and cutting-edge production methods to promote lightweighting and production efficiency without compromising safety. These seven research groups collectively form the most comprehensive academic research and development facility in North America for vehicle lightweighting.


  • Magna needed key material, lubricant and manufacturing process data and models in support of their development of a modular lightweight door concept
  • Warm forming processes were needed to overcome the low formability of high strength aluminum alloys (AA7075)


Waterloo Forming & Crash Lab developed material forming and lubricant models for Magna:

  • Lubricant characterization for warm deep drawing of AA5182
  • Ludering characteristics of AA5182
  • Material and lubricant models for forming of AA5182
  • Warm forming models for AA7075
Magna modular lightweight door incorporating warm formed high strength door beam, 5000-series door inner and 6000-series door outer sheet components


  • Magna applied Waterloo-developed data and models to support successful modular lightweight door prototype
  • Achieved a 42.5% mass savings
  • Applicable to 70% of door market
  • Components already used in OEM programs